VilaBosch Photography
Kodak Portra 160 NC using the legendary Olympus OM-4Ti multispot metering and a Zuiko f1.2 MC lens. Everything was kept inside the exposure latitude of this film! Bravo Olympus! I scanned it using a Nikon LS-4000ED slide scanner. I modified the tone curve to hide the darkest points of the image, otherwise noise would arise. This photograph was taken to promote Albariño wine from Galicia. Highly recommended :)

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  • Kayla's Sweet Sixteen - June 2012

For Ana and David, the real fun begins when they get behind a lens! Both bring their unique perspectives to a photo shoot, helping them deliver a balanced and beautiful view of the people, places and things that make up this wonderful life. To inquire about pricing and packages, please send us an email by clicking "Contact" **Se habla Español y Gallego.**